Ethel Le Rossignol (1874-1970)

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Ethel Le Rossignol believed that she received information from the spirit world in the form of beautiful paintings and drawings. She did have some formal art education in London, having moved from Jersey. After the war, Ethel turned to the world of spiritualism, eventually becoming a medium.

In 1920, she started channeling a spirit simply known as J.P.F. and producing paintings for which she claimed no credit, insisting that J.P.F. was the real author. J.P.F. also transmitted to Ethel the teachings of a group of advanced spirits, who explained the meanings of the paintings. These teachings were collected in 1933 in the book «A Goodly Company», that Ethel self-published under the imprint The Chiswick Press. Cesnur

A Goodly Company (1958): A Series of Psychic Drawings Given Through the Hand of Ethel Le Rossignol as an Assurance of Survival After Death; this Sequence of Designs is Shown to Open the Eyes of All Men to the Glorious World of Spiritual Power which Lies about Them

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