Hakima’s Tale by Dedra Stevenson

Everyone loves a trilogy, and what’s better than a set of novels? A set of novels with a refreshing new theme! Dedra Stevenson’s Hakima’s Tale trilogy (The Revenge of the Blue Jinni, The Rise of the Warrior and The Dawn of Redemption) follows an Arab American girl who learns that she must defend the human world against the attack of the Blue Jinni and his army that want to take back the Earth for the Jinn. They are available in print, ebook, and audio.



Dedra has also written a crime novel called Desert Magnolia, concerning a woman from the American South who marries a man from the United Arab Emirates and builds a good life, but finds herself in turmoil and controversy when she gets called back to the USA to learn that her father has been murdered with her cousin accused of the crime.

Dedra is currently working on a horror novel called The Skinwalker: Resurrection, which she’s hoping will be available before the end of the year. Additionally, she’s working on a series of paranormal novellas for teens.

Follow Dedra on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on Snapchat as dedra_s.

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