The Mason Of Imagination by J.M.R


The Mason Of Imagination


Hello, here I am look me up tell me what you think.

See the man of 40 some years expose reality through imagination.

Come and listen to the tale, get a snack. Have a drink.

Listen to my story and of my contemplation.

I never came from money my mind my favorite toy.

These worlds I had inside my youth had no knowledge of reality.

As I grew I saw others let thier worlds go, seeing them as belonging to a girl or boy.

I watched imagination die I saw love burn yet did I let go, no.

Not me.

I go for positivity.

I fight for the right to smile and laugh.

I battle for the effects of coffee.

Euphoria I pour yet I’m the carafe.

I am a philosopher poet, artist and bard.

A genuine sineater placed in the world to compound hope.

Hope in the human race is hard.

Watch me! Watch me walk across this tightrope.
Take at look at his YouTube channel where you can find random videos of his art, spoken word, claymation and other things.

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