The Friday Film: Rope (1948)


Last night, I watched Hitchcock’s ultimate suspense film Rope for the first time! It’s definitely near the top of my favourite films by this legendary director. In fact, it probably shares the top spot with Rear Window, although there are still many that I haven’t seen. I just love a film that’s set in a single location!

Jimmy Stewart has become one of my favourite actors in the last couple of years and he proved as excellent as ever in Rope. I’ve also found two new actors to look into in the leads; John Dall and Farley Granger. Both seem to have had good careers, but I don’t think I’ve seen either in anything else.

For those of you that live near London, Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch are putting on a production of the play from late February to early March 2018. The show follows a string of collaborations between the two venues (New Wolsey Theatre), including the regional premiere of Made in Dagenham last year… As was announced last month, Queen’s Theatre has been selected to partner with the National Theatre for the Public Acts initiative, bringing in regional talent and hosting it on the National’s stage.What’s on Stage

It took a mischievous genius to make a post-WWII movie with subtle queer characters. Brandon and Philip’s special bond is apparent only to those mature enough to spot their intimacy. Out Magazine

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