Philippe Soupault

The Monday Poem: Georgia by Philippe Soupault


Translated by Ghita Jaouhari


i don’t sleep Georgia
i shoot arrows into the night Georgia
i wait Georgia
the fire is like the snow Georgia
the night is my neighbor Georgia
i hear sounds without exception Georgia
i see the smoke that rises Georgia
i walk in the shadow of the fox’s footsteps Georgia
i run in the street of the suburbs Georgia
here is a city that is the same
that i don’t know Georgia
i hurry here is the wind Georgia
and the cold and the silence and the fear Georgia
i flee Georgia
i run Georgia
the clouds are low they will fall Georgia
i’m waiting for your arms Georgia
i don’t close my eyes Georgia
i call Georgia

i scream Georgia
i call Georgia
i call you Georgia
will you come Georgia
soon Georgia
Georgia Georgia Georgia
i don’t sleep Georgia
i’m waiting for you

2 thoughts on “The Monday Poem: Georgia by Philippe Soupault

  1. André Breton recognized that the most beautiful passages from “The Magnetic Fields” (the first surrealistic book, by Breton and Soupault, 1920) had been written by Philippe Soupault. This one also wrote many wonderful poems : “Westwego” (1922), “Georgia”, “The swimmer”, “Tears of sun”, “The blood of the sky” (1926)…Philippe Soupault is a very underrated poet and is really worth discovering.

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