The Monday Poem: Georgia by Philippe Soupault


Translated by Ghita Jaouhari


i don’t sleep Georgia
i shoot arrows into the night Georgia
i wait Georgia
the fire is like the snow Georgia
the night is my neighbor Georgia
i hear sounds without exception Georgia
i see the smoke that rises Georgia
i walk in the shadow of the fox’s footsteps Georgia
i run in the street of the suburbs Georgia
here is a city that is the same
that i don’t know Georgia
i hurry here is the wind Georgia
and the cold and the silence and the fear Georgia
i flee Georgia
i run Georgia
the clouds are low they will fall Georgia
i’m waiting for your arms Georgia
i don’t close my eyes Georgia
i call Georgia

i scream Georgia
i call Georgia
i call you Georgia
will you come Georgia
soon Georgia
Georgia Georgia Georgia
i don’t sleep Georgia
i’m waiting for you

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