Maria Luisa Lang

Review: The Pharaoh’s Cat

The Pharaoh’s Cat by Maria Luisa Lang


The Pharaoh’s Cat, a tragicomic fantasy narrated in the present tense by the cat himself, tells of a free-spirited, wise-cracking stray in ancient Egypt who suddenly acquires human powers and immediately captivates the young Pharaoh, making him laugh for the first time since his parents’ death.

The cat becomes the Pharaoh’s constant companion and, at the royal palace and on a tour of Egypt, participates in the festivities, developing an insatiable appetite for good food, wine, and gossip. Gradually, he renews the Pharaoh’s ability to enjoy life and inspires him to become a stronger leader. The bond of selfless love they share will change Egypt’s destiny.

The cat has a good friend in the High Priest of the god Amun-Ra and seeks his help in solving the mystery of his human powers and the supernatural manifestations that plague him. He has a mortal enemy in the Vizier—the second most powerful man in Egypt–who hates him for his close relationship with the Pharaoh. The Vizier’s persecution of the cat ultimately results in his fleeing with the High Priest to present-day New York City, where they find an ally in an Egyptologist’s daughter.

Maria Luisa Lang was born in Rome and lives in New York City. She has a degree in art history and is an amateur Egyptologist. The Pharaoh’s Cat is her first novel. The Eye of Nefertiti, both a sequel to The Pharaoh’s Cat and a stand-alone novel, is also available on Amazon in paperback and in a Kindle edition. – Blurb

Oh wow, I loved this book! This is indie writing at its best. The Pharaoh’s Cat is a fantasy adventure with a sci-fi twist. A standard length book of 178 pages, this feels like a super-quick read and is a breeze to chomp through.

I’m not going to say too much because the blurb tells you all you need to know really. The Pharaoh’s Cat is often hilarious, made me cry on three occasions and is just pure, heartfelt goodness throughout.

I highly recommend it to readers of any genre as I’m sure all will find many things to love about this unique “tail”. I should point out that cats and pyramids are two of my favourite things, but that doesn’t make this a biased review 😉

I don’t always give star ratings for books, but The Pharaoh’s Cat definitely deserves a 5/5. I’m sad that the book has ended, but luckily I can now move on to The Eye of Nefertiti! Look out for a review coming soon.

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