Giveaway! -Alternatives to a Frozen Mouse

One thought on “Giveaway! -Alternatives to a Frozen Mouse”

  1. I loved the review for this book. I am a natural therapist working in the field or energy medicine using Bowen Therapy, Psych-k and The Australian Bush Flower Essences. Psych-k and The Australian Bush Flower Essences are very powerful in helping clients cope with mental issues. The subject of trauma and its effects on the mind and body fascinates me as the effects are so different in every person. I can’t wait to read Alternatives to a Frozen Mouse but money constraints mean I will have to wait a while before I can do so. I am bringing to publication a children’s picture book called Joshua and Stranger Danger which takes a different approach to the subject. It brings awareness of recognising intuition, body language and energy fields to the children in the context of the story. It has danger, fear, guidance, escape,relief( this is where the child is allowed to diffuse the pent-up adrenaline from the system as this is what creates the ongoing trauma) and knowledge. This is why money is tight at the moment. I am self publishing through Ingram Spark — although with a lot of paid help from professionals with illustrating, back cover design and source file. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy your posts,

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