Review: Strungballs by Mike Russell



Hi guys,

I’m here with a review that you possibly could like if you loved reading The Giver! It’s called Strungballs by Mike Russell and it is my first book that I’m not reading for a challenge this year, wohoo. Let’s start.


Book Information

Title: Strungballs
Author: Mike Russell
Genre: Fiction, Dystopia
Type:Kindle eBook

Published on: November 3rd 2016

10-year old Sydney awakes in a 4x4x4m room on a 2x1x1m bed, awaiting for an event yet unknown to the reader. Suddenly a machine appears, cutting out a flesh cube out of his chest and puts in a Strungball into the now existing hole.

The reader learns that Sydney lives in a city, which is made of one corridor and 999 rooms, full of people who dedicated their lives to donating flesh cubes to their protecting city wall, a skin made of the population’s flesh. These…

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