One for the Birds by Lily Mitchell

In One for the Birds (2016), Lily Mitchell gives you surrealism, betrayal and some macabre situations in which the main characters find themselves lost or trapped. But that’s not all. Here and there a main character learns valuable life lessons a little too late. Besides death and suspense you’ll find a good dose of sarcasm. These short stories are an easy read and very variable. If you’re particularly fond of scary stories, you won’t want to miss out on these.

From Godign Publishing.



From a deal with the devil to heads in boxes and even a computer that goes on a rampage, One for the Birds is a unique collection of short stories that makes you feel a bit uneasy in the end.


Expect the unexpected… One for the Birds. A short story novel by Lily Mitchell. If you’re particularly fond of the macabre and supernatural you can’t miss out on this one!


From a young age, Lily Mitchell (1976) was intrigued by the famous short stories written by Edgar Allan Poe. With the thought ‘it’s now or never’ she started her writing career taking scenes from daily life and transforming them into scary stories, wandering freely in the world of the macabre. Lily’s fascination for the morbid and the strange is also seen in her work as an artist and photographer.

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