A Week of Aubrey Beardsley – Tuesday

3 thoughts on “A Week of Aubrey Beardsley – Tuesday”

  1. Wait. Is this blue…new? I love this blue. I want to wrap myself in a blanket of blueness just like this. And I love the use of white space in “The Toilet of Helen” . Oddspecs, if you turn me into an art snob, I’ll, I’ll, UNFOLLOW you. I know what I like when I see it. I take comfort in that. Don’t make me think too much. Loeonora would be disappointed in me. And I don’t want to be haunted by Leonora. Or do I? I’m not being coy. Maybe that would be great. Depending on how it’s all presented.

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    1. Ha! Thank you for this comment :p it cheered me up on the way to work on a day when coffee just isn’t enough! I hope I don’t spoil you too much 🙂 however, art snobs to me are those who like what they’re supposed to like based on education and/or monetary value. It sounds like you’re just trusting your own opinion and that’s definitely not snobby 🙂 x


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