10 Short Stories challenge – day 7

Today I read Fish Hell by Paul Silverman. The story takes place at a dinner party with not particularly likeable guests discussing not particularly interesting topics, but the story is told from the point of view of the fish, currently being cooked for the main course.

It’s such an intriguing idea. I’m a vegetarian, so I guess I would receive this story differently to a meat eater. Much of the story is quite banal (intentionally, I think), but then little gems are plopped in to surprise you and keep you interested…

Pronto to the ER, where George’s face, as he describes it, was in shreds. Next came the miracle no priest could ever perform. On hand in the hospital there just happened to be two Asian staffers who, in a previous life, stitched the finest, most delicate silk garments. “Little, little women,” George says. “Tiny hands. They sew me like kimono.”


I read Fish Hell over on Charlie Fish. Go and have a read and come back to tell me your thoughts in the comments.x

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