Plan 9 From Outer Space

Plan 9 From Outer Space is a 1959 sci-fi classic, written and directed by Ed D. Wood Jr.

Often referred to as the worst film of all time, Plan 9 is actually a highly entertaining and fun film to watch. The music is consistently excellent and some scenes (particularly those in the cemetery!) are visually impressive, managing to be spooky and atmospheric. These are the scenes black and white film was made for!

Two of the three terrifying zombies in the film (the third being Bela Lugosi!)
Two of the three terrifying zombies in the film (the third being Bela Lugosi!)

Although Tor Johnson doesn’t make a very convincing Inspector, he excels as a zombie with ghoulish make-up and contact lenses. The wondrous Vampira does nothing but walk very slowly with her arms outstretched… but she does it to perfection.

The special effects are terrible, with the flying saucers feeling like pets as the film goes on. Viewers may feel a sense of loss as they watch one of the saucers being engulfed by flames towards the end. I did anyway.

Famously, Bela Lugosi died long before the film was completed. The footage of Lugosi seen in the film was actually shot by Wood three years earlier in 1956. Tom Mason played the part for the remaining scenes, always with his cape over his face.

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