3 Random Books from My Shelves

I’m not really sure what to say, as I would imagine most people who visit Examining the Odd have read some or all of Gaiman’s work! Since this book is a collection of short stories (and wonders!), I decided to randomly choose one of the pieces too. The chosen piece was The Fairy Reel, one of the “wonders”, since it is a poem rather than a short story. I’ve heard people liken this poem to a Keats ballad. Continue reading 3 Random Books from My Shelves

Lord Dunsany (Edward Plunkett)

The King of Elfland’s Daughter is my favourite so far, and it’s probably the most famous of his books too. It’s well known that Dunsany was a keen hunter and it’s not so well known that I’m a keen vegetarian and animal lover, so I’m sure I receive The King of Elfland’s Daughter (which contains a fair amount of hunting) quite differently to how he perhaps intended. Having said that, Dunsany was also an animal rights campaigner and was president of his local RSPCA branch, so he confuses me greatly! I guess it had something to do with the difference between animal and pet. Continue reading Lord Dunsany (Edward Plunkett)

10 Old-School Weird Fiction Writers that are Not from the UK or USA

Ry┼źnosuke Akutagawa – Tokyo, Japan, 1892-1927. Ry┼źnosuke Akutagawa was a Japanese writer active in the Taish┼Ź period in Japan. He is regarded as the “Father of the Japanese short story” and Japan’s premier literary award, the Akutagawa Prize, is named after him. He committed suicide at the age of 35 through an overdose of barbital. Ry┼źnosuke Akutagawa was born in the Ky┼Źbashi district of Tokyo, the third child and only son of father Toshiz┼Ź Niihara and mother Fuku. – Wikipedia. Read one of his short stories for free here. Continue reading 10 Old-School Weird Fiction Writers that are Not from the UK or USA