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H. P. Lovecraft – Top 5 Facts

1 A Lot of Things You Love Were Influenced By Lovecraft HP Lovecraft is one of those writers that’s so influential that they’re almost ubiquitous, which is just pretentious-jerk speak for “you’re totally familiar with his works, even if you’re not familiar with the guy.” For example, you’ve hard of Batman, right? If so, you…

H. P. Lovecraft

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John Bellairs and Edward Gorey

John Bellairs was an author of young adult books with spooky settings and (Edward) Gorey covers. A Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Bellairs graduated Magna cum Laude and moved to Chicago whereupon he shortly earned a Masters in English from The University of Chicago. In 1963 John began a career of teaching, first in Winona, Minnesota at the College…

The Eyes of the Killer Robot was published in 1986 by Dial Books for Young Readers.

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