My Top 10 John Cage Visual Art Pieces

John Cage is my favourite artist (along with Louise Bourgeois). Although he’s perhaps most well-known for his music and writing, he also created some fantastic visual art. Here are my top 10. Enjoy! Continue reading My Top 10 John Cage Visual Art Pieces

Cut Corners – Volume 3

Late, dark nights are perfect for reading surreal and terrifying tales from some of the best story tellers in the horror business. Grit your teeth, sit by the fire pit, and be prepared to possibly not return from underneath the spell of their writing prowess, but if you do, we’re certain you’ll have a sinister smile to share. All these modern stories have an element of thought-provoking surprise and style. Continue reading Cut Corners – Volume 3

Telemachus by Peter Gray

Peter Gray’s Telemachus

Telemachus is a unique piece of fiction. It follows the daily lives of a handful of birds in their colony. The book manages to realistically portray the struggles of human family life through these birds. How does a mother cope with the loss of her children/chicks? How does a man juggle the pressures of family demands and a high-powered job? What does one do in the face of unrequited love? In short, it’s like a soap opera… with birds. However, that’s not to say that humans have simple been replaced by birds for quirky effect – the reader really gets a sense of what bird-life might be like. Continue reading Peter Gray’s Telemachus