The Tiger Lillies

The Tiger Lillies – The rime of the ancient mariner


Autumn Leaves by The Tiger Lillies

I thought I’d share a Tiger Lillies song that I don’t hear so much! I hope you enjoy it ūüôā

The Tiger Lillies are in Russia this month and next, but they return to the UK in late April.

10 Gifts for your Lovecraft-Obsessed Friend/Relation

That time of year is fast approaching and you’re in one of these two tricky situations (otherwise, why are you here?):

a. your friend or relation is Lovecraft-obsessed. You know nothing or very little about this man who has something to do with a squid. You need to know what to buy said friend/relation. NOTE: why not take this opportunity to familiarise yourself with the work of this strange individual and read one of his stories for free here!

b. your friends/relations think that you actually want socks for the holidays (a note to my friends/relations – I always want socks). You need a wishlist which you can send out to avoid this.

The solution to problems a and b lies below in a handy list of ten products suitable for the average Lovecraft fanatic.

    1. il_570xN.734882154_8woeHP Lovecraft РCall of Cthulhu Рdischarge inks Рunisex £19.82
    2. il_570xN.368973219_bqm6CTHULHU Victorian Gothic Decor Funny Office Decor Necronomicon HP Lovecraft Steampunk Octopus Decor Surreal Art Gift for Geek Wall Art 47 £8.05
    3. il_570xN.606811466_8z31Shub-Niggurath Necklace (red) Рhandmade hp lovecraft gothic horror £23.95
    4. il_570xN.678451749_ks5pThe Litany of Dagon scroll РLovecraft prop LARP cthulhu £7.07
    5. iqvl_cthulthu_gitd_pop_vinyl

      Cthulhu Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl Figure $14.99

CTHULHU Bank Figure £19.99

7.lovecraftcountry_1024x1024Open Edition – Lovecraft Country map of New England featuring Innsmouth and Y’ha-nthlei $10

8.072912001_1_072912_1024x1024Horror In Clay Cthulhu Tiki Mug, Series 1 open edition – olive green $45

9. Books by other weird fiction authors, such as Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Holdstock, Mike Russell or K.J. Bishop.

10. RIME_Cover_180x180_12 Rime of the Ancient Mariner by The Tiger Lillies £15.99


Bonus idea:Future Lovecraft