The Alchemist By H. P. Lovecraft

High up, crowning the grassy summit of a swelling mound whose sides are wooded near the base with the gnarled trees of the primeval forest, stands the old chateau of my ancestors. For centuries its lofty battlements have frowned down upon the wild and rugged countryside about, serving as a home and stronghold for the proud house whose honoured line is older even than the moss-grown castle walls. These ancient turrets, stained by the storms of generations and crumbling under the slow yet mighty pressure of time, formed in the ages of feudalism one of the most dreaded and formidable fortresses in all France. From its machicolated parapets and mounted battlements Barons, Counts, and even Kings had been defied, yet never had its spacious halls resounded to the footsteps of the invader. Continue reading The Alchemist By H. P. Lovecraft

3 Random Books from My Shelves

I’m not really sure what to say, as I would imagine most people who visit Examining the Odd have read some or all of Gaiman’s work! Since this book is a collection of short stories (and wonders!), I decided to randomly choose one of the pieces too. The chosen piece was The Fairy Reel, one of the “wonders”, since it is a poem rather than a short story. I’ve heard people liken this poem to a Keats ballad. Continue reading 3 Random Books from My Shelves

The Lake by David V.M

THE LAKE By David V.M.   Chacko found himself sitting at the dinner table. He wondered briefly when he awoke. His fingers were trembling with age and perhaps something else. A cool breeze rifled through the trees outside the window. Moonlight reflected off a thousand leaves so that he could see nothing but a psychedelic haze of colours through the patches in his vision. It was in moments like this that he could feel the full weight of his deterioration. He felt for his glasses and found them on the edge of his table. He put them on. He squinted at the clock, struggling to see … Continue reading The Lake by David V.M

Salvador Dali Crazy Kiss Eau de Toilette for Women – It Exists

I spend a lot of time looking at and for strange things, but sometimes I am surprised. You can buy Salvador Dali perfume. Sadly, there is no description of it’s smell, but I’m hoping for a swan-elephant juxtaposition. Elegant and strong. I’d love to know if anyone has actually tried the stuff. Continue reading Salvador Dali Crazy Kiss Eau de Toilette for Women – It Exists

10 Old-School Weird Fiction Writers that are Not from the UK or USA

Ry┼źnosuke Akutagawa – Tokyo, Japan, 1892-1927. Ry┼źnosuke Akutagawa was a Japanese writer active in the Taish┼Ź period in Japan. He is regarded as the “Father of the Japanese short story” and Japan’s premier literary award, the Akutagawa Prize, is named after him. He committed suicide at the age of 35 through an overdose of barbital. Ry┼źnosuke Akutagawa was born in the Ky┼Źbashi district of Tokyo, the third child and only son of father Toshiz┼Ź Niihara and mother Fuku. – Wikipedia. Read one of his short stories for free here. Continue reading 10 Old-School Weird Fiction Writers that are Not from the UK or USA