5 Quotes from the Gormenghast Trilogy

Let's have some quotes from Mervyn Peake's beautifully disturbing Gormenghast trilogy. I love the books and, unlike many, I also really enjoyed the BBC adaptation, but there are rumors that Neil Gaiman is going to have a crack at his own TV version!     1. "He had no longer any need for home, for … Continue reading 5 Quotes from the Gormenghast Trilogy


I Cannot Give the Reasons

One of my favourite and most re-read books is Mervyn Peake's A Book of Nonsense. The following poem comes from this book. I CANNOT GIVE THE REASONS I cannot give the reasons, I only sing the tunes: the sadness of the seasons the madness of the moons. I cannot be didactic or lucid, but I … Continue reading I Cannot Give the Reasons