Christmas Greetings to Annie E. P. Gamwell By H. P. Lovecraft

Christmas Greetings
to Annie E. P. Gamwell
By H. P. Lovecraft

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The Sunday Song – Let’s Go To Bed

This week’s song is lovable rock band The Cure’s Let’s Go To Bed. I hope you enjoy it! Let’s Go To Bed Let me take your hand I’m shaking like milk Turning Turning blue All over the windows and the floors Fires outside in the sky Look as perfect as cats The two of us […]

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Montague Rhodes James

M.R. James (b. 1862) is perhaps one of the most understated writers of odd ghost stories of all time. Many of his stories take place at¬†Oxbridge and other places with a very English feel, reflecting the life of the author himself. James also catalogued medieval manuscripts (see below), for which he was well-respected during his […]

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10 Gifts for your Lovecraft-Obsessed Friend/Relation

That time of year is fast approaching and you’re in one of these two tricky situations (otherwise, why are you here?):

a. your friend or relation is Lovecraft-obsessed. You know nothing or very little about this man who has something to do with a squid. You need to know what to buy said friend/relation.

b. your friends/relations think that you actually want socks for the holidays (a note to my friends/relations – I always want socks). You need a wishlist which you can send out to avoid this.

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My Top 5 Scarfolk Adverts

All from the wonderful Scarfolk Council

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