Strange Wonders By Mike Russell (Review)

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Today dear readers I am reviewing Strange Wonders (Published 26 Nov. 2020) By Mike Russell. A big thank you to the publisher Strange Books for my copy to review, always appreciated. I always enjoy reading/reviewing Russell’s work as you never exactly know what to expect. Check out my last review of his work here.          Strange Wonders Roll up! Roll up! Mike Russell presents Strange Wonders. Strangely wonderful, wonderfully strange stories of life, death and the mystery of existence. Strange Wonders is Mike Russell’s fourth short story collection. Prepare to be amazed.… Continue reading Strange Wonders By Mike Russell (Review)

Book Review – Strange Secrets by Mike Russell

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★★★★ 4 Stars Genre: Short Stories / Fantasy Publication Date: February 8th, 2018 Publisher: StrangeBooks Deny and defy, is that really the way to be about death? What does a being become when they die? A flower, perhaps a ghost, or do they unbecome anything at all? Death is secretive and shy, impossible to see but impossible to hide. We don’t talk about it within these walls, in any case. Strange Secrets is a series of lucid dreams hovering on the line between madness and philosophy, wherever that lies. The whole blossom of it… Continue reading Book Review – Strange Secrets by Mike Russell