Weird Fiction by 2 Female Authors

Let’s take a look at some strange stories by female authors!

Nancy A. Collins

American horror writer who cites J. G. Ballard and Flannery O’Connor among her influences.

Her novels include The Reflected Ones and Some Velvet Morning.

It was when DC finally got their act together and roped in splatterpunk vamp Nancy A. Collins, that Swamp Thing got his groove back. In fact, I think Collins’s time on the title (issues #110 to #138) is probably my favourite run on any comic ever. Den of Geek

Nancy A. Collins. Female authors of weird and strange fiction
Nancy A. Collins. Female authors of weird and strange fiction

Margo Lanagan

Australian short story and YA author and World Fantasy Award winner.

Her books include Tender Morsels and Sea Hearts.

In Margo Lanagan’s “Singing My Sister Down”, a young boy watches as his sister Ikky is publicly executed, not by lethal injection or firing squad, but by slow submersion in a tar pit. Ikky’s crime is never explicitly discussed, although it is inferred that she killed her husband with an axe (which calls to mind Lizzie Borden, the supposed female murderer who has become a part of American folklore and the public imagination at large). An intimate moment with family becomes a public event, as Ikky sinks further into the deeps, and a young woman accused of murder becomes fodder for the eagerly watching crowds. Weird Fiction Review

Margo Lanagan. Female authors of strange and weird fiction.
Margo Lanagan. Female authors of strange and weird fiction.

10 Gifts for your Lovecraft-Obsessed Friend/Relation

That time of year is fast approaching and you’re in one of these two tricky situations (otherwise, why are you here?):

a. your friend or relation is Lovecraft-obsessed. You know nothing or very little about this man who has something to do with a squid. You need to know what to buy said friend/relation. NOTE: why not take this opportunity to familiarise yourself with the work of this strange individual and read one of his stories for free here!

b. your friends/relations think that you actually want socks for the holidays (a note to my friends/relations – I always want socks). You need a wishlist which you can send out to avoid this.

The solution to problems a and b lies below in a handy list of ten products suitable for the average Lovecraft fanatic.

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      Cthulhu Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl Figure $14.99

CTHULHU Bank Figure £19.99

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9. Books by other weird fiction authors, such as Clark Ashton Smith, Robert Holdstock, Mike Russell or K.J. Bishop.

10. RIME_Cover_180x180_12 Rime of the Ancient Mariner by The Tiger Lillies £15.99


Bonus idea:Future Lovecraft