Hakima’s Tale by Dedra Stevenson

Everyone loves a trilogy, and what’s better than a set of novels? A set of novels with a refreshing new theme! Dedra Stevenson’s Hakima’s Tale trilogy (The Revenge of the Blue Jinni, The Rise of the Warrior and The Dawn of Redemption) follows an Arab American girl who learns that she must defend the human world against the attack of the Blue Jinni and his army that want to take back the Earth for the Jinn. They are available in print, ebook, and audio. Continue reading Hakima’s Tale by Dedra Stevenson

The Debutante by Leonora Carrington

The Debutante

by Leonora Carrington

WHEN I was a debutante I often went to the zoological garden. I went so often that I was better acquainted with animals than with the young girls of my age. It was to escape from the world that I found myself each day at the zoo. The beast I knew best was a young hyena. She knew me too. She was extremely intelligent; I taught her French and in return she taught me her language. We spent many pleasant hours in this way. Continue reading The Debutante by Leonora Carrington

Etched in Stone

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The Dead Must Die. Bull Run Battlefield, VA (April 22, 1990, © F. P. Dorchak) I wrote this story based on a dream I had as a kid. What happened to me in the dream (and past life) is what happened in the opening scene to this story. I’d awoken from my dream in actual pain and had rolled off my bed onto the floor, clutching my side for several moments before “coming to.” Years later, in adulthood, I’d found out that one of my other brothers had had “the same dream.”… Continue reading Etched in Stone

Palomino – by Olivier de Beventine

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Texas, USA, ten days ago… Fretlock bucked and whinnied as Kansas tried to bring him under control. He was a small horse but ‘My Gaaad, what spirit!’ the seasoned handler mused. “Where d’ya get this ‘un from, Auguss?” he asked his brother, as Fretlock stubbornly stomped dust. “He was tooken from some place in Englan’, Kansas. The Duke brung him over laass week.” “The Duke? That feller giives me the heeby jeebies… Whooooaaaah!” Fretlock had bucked again. “You ain’t wrong, Kansas. But he always got goood produc’. This howss is one uncommon… Continue reading Palomino – by Olivier de Beventine