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That Cause We Discern by Feeling, by Jay

That Cause We Discern by Feeling

by Jay


All cases,

seen after or before, are of a place we wish to

stay, or near it as the

waves give us pleasure, not in seeing;

we are made of many parts and

other pieces, which go

where the tide and the obscure specks of dirt go,

in case any troubled souls are

not there,

but here,

yet they

say anything when The Imagination

had This Trayne of Thoughts,

Regulated by

all actions. Thoughts,

are here, but

does that act of man’s mind seem Finite?

To be one


all the difficult beings,

shows he has need of them.

The general people

have not got any other passion, they have not attained;

these Uses, their horns,

his manner is Proper, more than we know to be Equal and

one may

find himself

walking to the sea

in silence,

as the divers speak their account,

all the tales are a single variety of story, are somebody else,

they affect nothing

And are occasionally

Subtracting, and where these have happened, there is less.

Wave Hello to Pierre Carreau


Isn’t it amazing? The sea has fingers… or hair… It could almost be sinister… or friendly. It looks like a glass sculpture, but it’s all photography by Pierre Carreau. Let’s see some more.


Photographer Pierre Carreau has the incredible ability to take a still-framed shot and make it look like the photograph is in actual movement. His specialty, which he refers to as liquid sculpting, is to take photographs of water in motion. The photographs are so stunning that you may begin to hear the crash of the waves, the sounds of the seagulls, and smell the ocean air. Man of Many


Beautiful! This one is almost like a drawing.


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