The Monday Poem – Making Feet And Hands

Making Feet And Hands
Eye standing up eye lying down eye sitting

Why wander about between two hedges made of stair-rails while the ladders become

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Mike Russell and his Surreal Stories

Mike Russell is the author of two short story collections; Nothing Is Strange and Strange Medicine. His work is surreal and often humorous, with some stories even being described as erotic, absurd or disturbing. Mike has been performing his stories in the South of England for over a decade, wearing his famous top hat with its seeing eye.

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Last Year at Marienbad (1961)

Last night I watched Last Year in Marienbad for the first time! It’s set in a beautifully ornate hotel, made all the more surreal for being in black and white. The film deals with the idea of truth and it’s pretty hard to follow, but I found it best to just let it wash over you and […]

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