She is so Often Mentioned

This year, observe everything, she does


The Monday Poem – Golden – Of The Selkirks by Emily Pauline Johnson

Golden - Of The Selkirks     By Emily Pauline Johnson       A trail upwinds from Golden; It leads to a land God only knows, To the land of eternal frozen snows, That trail unknown and olden. And they tell a tale that is strange and wild - Of a lovely and lonely mountain child … Continue reading The Monday Poem – Golden – Of The Selkirks by Emily Pauline Johnson

Collaborative Something-or-Other Anyone?

Would anyone like to get involved in a collaborative project of some kind? I'm thinking of something that would involve visual artists, writers, poets..., possibly musicians and filmmakers? Let me know if you'd be interested in the comments below, along with any ideas you may have, pros/cons etc. Some ideas... *A physical journal that gets … Continue reading Collaborative Something-or-Other Anyone?

Martin – A Fluxus Style Chance Poem

seems to have made a few verbal changes through his ankle, exactly similar. Re-settling them on an unquestioning pair of shoulders, the annihilation of a nation however, back to the table, the future or the dark-haired girl from the what had happened, and in which one becomes aware of facts and ideas which to him, molehill here and coming towards … Continue reading Martin – A Fluxus Style Chance Poem