The Monday Poem

This is the complete poem:

Meet Iconic People For Narrow Ideas

A real-life fantasy, this is my idea, my thinking

Amazing, but is it here now? Awe-inspiring at a new level

Captivating Everyone, cheerful is this life, and this Now

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Cage (Part 11)

Just finished part 11 of my new Cage series 🙂 Cage is a poem written using chance operations – each piece contains part of the poem and is also created using chance methods.

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ORGAN zine A5 an art poetry book

Organ art poetry zine is a poem in seven drawings. Drawings are printed full colour with a plain colour page opposite each piece. A5 size, 16 pages including cover, staple bound. Digital printed on silk 130gsm paper (cover is 300gsm). Available in my Etsy shop and on ebay.

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