My Top 10 Weird Fiction Authors

Weird Fiction is one of my favourite genres to read and there’s no shortage of great authors in this field if you look hard enough! In no particular order, here are ten wonderfully weird authors. Premendra Mitra – The Discovery of Telenapota” by Bengali author Premendra Mitra is a good place to start if you want to skip over some of the more famous authors in The Weird. You won’t find much of Mitra’s work in English, and nothing at all in the U.S. apart from this tale. It’s a hallucinatory trip into rural India where you get to do some fly-fishing, fall … Continue reading My Top 10 Weird Fiction Authors

The Lake by David V.M

THE LAKE By David V.M.   Chacko found himself sitting at the dinner table. He wondered briefly when he awoke. His fingers were trembling with age and perhaps something else. A cool breeze rifled through the trees outside the window. Moonlight reflected off a thousand leaves so that he could see nothing but a psychedelic haze of colours through the patches in his vision. It was in moments like this that he could feel the full weight of his deterioration. He felt for his glasses and found them on the edge of his table. He put them on. He squinted at the clock, struggling to see … Continue reading The Lake by David V.M