Short Story Saturday: Flock by Mike Russell

This week's short story is Mike Russell's Flock. I hope you enjoy it! Flock is just one of eight stories in the collection Strange Medicine.   Flock    Anthony Tobias Bradshaw sits, as usual, on the 7:00 a.m. train, on his way to work. Dressed in his black raincoat, pin-striped suit, white shirt, black tie … Continue reading Short Story Saturday: Flock by Mike Russell


The Diaries of Sun City – A Short Story

Hello. It is Monday. I live in Sun City. Sun City is a city that is entirely contained inside an enormous concrete building in the shape of a sun. Its rays house our living quarters; its circular centre is where we work and shop. No one has ever been outside of the city; it is generally suspected that the environment outside of the city is uninhabitable.