The Monday Poem – There was in cranes.

This week’s poem is There was in cranes. I hope you enjoy it!   There was in cranes. by Jay Snelling   Cellophaned flowers. To look forward to it was an astonishing feeling of a high degree. Staging each one by hand. Directors of gardens, their relationship to the towering tempest in over 2000 plastic […]

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Visual art

Doodle Tuesday

This week’s doodle is a collaborative piece by myself and Mike Russell. I hope you like it. The drawing was created by myself using chance methods and then the colour was added by Mike.

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Literary, Music

5 Quotes from John Cage

Each person, I repeat, is free to experience his own emotions. But they are no more important than ordering chicken! That means that you can’t dwell on them, you must learn how to detach yourself from them.

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The Monday Poem – The Sentences as Girl whose of Friendly Come to

It’s time for the Monday Poem 🙂 I hope you enjoy it. The Sentences as Girl whose of Friendly Come to – a fluxus chance poem   Or way that from before but lost an account that move. But if thought about prize and as exhilarating because emerges is disjunction between communicated with we should suggested a small-c conservative. Which he […]

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The Monday Poem – for Gopi

Both spiritual and material. Above, loudly chant the glories of

a small group of English men of

destiny only

to worship with him.

Some to serve as a

considered entity,

surrender until

performed through this


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