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Wave Hello to Pierre Carreau

Isn't it amazing? The sea has fingers... or hair... It could almost be sinister... or friendly. It looks like a glass sculpture, but it's all photography by Pierre Carreau. Let's see some more.

Visual art

Book of Hours – A Source of Beautiful Images

The old medieval Book of Hours is an amazing source of visual inspiration, religious or not. Each book is unique and there are a lot of them around. Many museums, libraries and universities around the world have collections of the books. I would love to stumble across an affordable one! Many have been taken apart, each page being sold separately. But why are they so popular? Scroll down and take a look at their magnificent pages!

Visual art

Ethel Le Rossignol (1874-1970)

Ethel Le Rossignol believed that she received information from the spirit world in the form of beautiful paintings and drawings. She did have some formal art education in London, having moved from Jersey. After the war, Ethel turned to the world of spiritualism, eventually becoming a medium. In 1920, she started channeling a spirit simply… Continue reading Ethel Le Rossignol (1874-1970)

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Fluxus Poetry Art

Cheryl Penn's venture into musical composition is so noteworthy I had to blog it. Most of the IUOMA members are aware of Cheryl's group for the study and advancement of Ruud Janssen's Fluxus word "ZALOP," given legs by the enthusiasm of visual poet Eduardo Cardoso of Portugal. - International Union of Mail Artists Well-known Fluxus… Continue reading Fluxus Poetry Art

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Baffling Beetles

Titan Beetle - World's Largest Beetle The titan beetle is the world's largest species of beetle. It has been mistakenly classified as a giant cockroach by some people, but it is a pure beetle, with a genus of its own, Titanus. It is a member of the Cerambycidae family, or “longhorn beetles”. Adults grow as… Continue reading Baffling Beetles