sound (New Poem)

sound __________ rehearsed and messy FROM ANYWHERE move INSPIRED “OUR team!” HIS LONGTIME BELIEFS her THOUGHTS, IN THIS house IN his, “YOU” YOU, his FIRST, THE OLD BUILDING, following collection, advocate NINETY-NINE years ago this TOWN Image unrelated 🙂 Continue reading sound (New Poem)

New (a new poem)

New He seemed to bring the weather along Puffer jacket and wool socks. Young responsible days The man friends like him and her defiantly consider it an honour from the last Generation, His accomplishments were only a reunion never quite his absolutely that is one you haven’t done yet. to stand able to speak use your faculty, it lasted the rock. catch a rock. (Image is unrelated 🙂 ) Continue reading New (a new poem)


Perception think of synchronicities, think of me again, think of man’s room. think particularly of him and his affection for images, think of how itself moves think of the room, think to determine think to separate, think of lighting, of a cloud think for a treat think in the rain but not of it think of these instances think of the room think of a tail for the man think, but more thorough think by doing think of only this hand, this is connected to you think of how he conformed to be with both worlds think of how it … Continue reading Poem