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Portrait: a new drawing

Here’s a new drawing! It’s a portrait of a (very) happy couple.


I use chance operations to create all of my drawings, paintings and collages. I always love to hear from anyone who does the same!


#FromTheBookshelf Review – Strange Secrets

Don Jimmy Reviews

  • Format Read  – Paperback
  • How did I get this book  – Sent via publisher – many thanks 🙂
  • Date Read – September 9th


Discover the mystery of the two-headed rose and many more Strange Secrets in this new collection of extraordinary stories by Mike Russell. ‘It can’t be real.’ ‘But it is.’ Strange Secrets invites you to discover the magical and the marvellous. Startlingly inventive and constantly entertaining, these unique, vital and vividly realised stories will take you to places you have never been before.

My Thoughts

Where oh where do we start with a review for this book. It’s one of the weirdest things I have ever read – but at the same time it is completely fascinating.

Seven stories that take you from shimmering pools to wardrobes to enchanted forests – with a wonderful trip through what reality really is in between. These are tales which aim…

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