The Monday Poem – Five Haiku by Paul Eluard

This week’s poem is Paul Eluard’s Five Haiku. I hope it inspires you 🙂 There were only a few of them In all the earth Each one thought he was alone They sang, they were right To sing But they sang the way you sack a city The way you kill yourself. Frayed moist nightContinue reading “The Monday Poem – Five Haiku by Paul Eluard”

I Cannot Give the Reasons

One of my favourite and most re-read books is Mervyn Peake’s A Book of Nonsense. The following poem comes from this book. I CANNOT GIVE THE REASONS I cannot give the reasons, I only sing the tunes: the sadness of the seasons the madness of the moons. I cannot be didactic or lucid, but IContinue reading “I Cannot Give the Reasons”

Favourite 1880s Horror Tales by Robert Louis Stevenson (4)

This is the last post in a series of four. I hope you’ve enjoyed them all! Short story Markheim. This is considered to be one of Robert Louis Stevenson’s more macabre tales. The ending in particular is a great interpretation of fate and human nature. It’s an unusual read, but interesting throughout. The devil canContinue reading “Favourite 1880s Horror Tales by Robert Louis Stevenson (4)”