Favourite 1880s Horror Tales by Robert Louis Stevenson (2)

The 1880’s was a great time for horror. This post is the second of four. Have fun!


Short story The Merry Men.

This story is super atmospheric. It’s a classic gothic tale.

when savage men have drunk away their reason, and, discarding speech, bawl together in their madness by the hour…

Do you have an open fire? Is it winter? Is there a storm raging? Read this story!

Interesting insights: The story is set on a fictional island named Eilean Aros, but Stevenson based his idea on the real island of Erraid. The true island has an area of just one square mile and is in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. It has a row of cottages which were built for the lighthouse keepers. It is now home to a commune related to the Findhorn Foundation, a Scottish Spiritual community.

What’s your favourite horror story?

Why not have a read of Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows while you’re here!