The Sunday Song: End Of A Century by Blur

Blur - End of A Century

To my American readers (or anyone outside of the UK), do you know of Blur? Like Pulp, they seem so British to me that I can’t imagine the rest of the world listening to them. Let me know.


Strange Medicine by Mike Russell

Dyslexic Reader

I was asked to read and review Strange Medicine by Jay at Strangebooks, for a fair and honest review.

Strange Medicine is a selection of short stories from the strange mind of Mike Russell.

The Titles for the stories are;

  • Flock
  • Seventy-Two Bricks
  • Telephone
  • Mime
  • Mr Dennis and the universe
  • The Spy
  • Brain
  • Shish

My favorite of the short stories is Brain about a man the lives his life all about rationality, and it the end life is more than rationality. The stories are not long but they way that they are written conveys the evolution of the character.

I like reading Mike Russell books you never known which direction they will take, and they make me think more about the meaning of the stories.

I give this book 4 out of 5


If you would like to find out more about Mike Russell and StrangeBooks click HERE.

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