All You Zombies

Time travel makes my brain go “eek.” This is a compliment. Not many things make my brain do back flips and somersaults. Time travel is an impossible concept I cannot understand because it is inherently incomprehensible. Therefore, I love it. This review contains spoilers, so if you’ve never read this, you might want to stop now and […] via ALL YOU ZOMBIES, ROBERT HEINLEIN — SERENDIPITY Continue reading All You Zombies

Strange Medicine by Mike Russell – Book Review

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Strange Medicine by Mike Russell Published by Strange Books, 2016 Format: e-book ISBN: 10:1522945385 Available on Amazon Honest review given in exchange for book ? An interesting and strange collection of short stories. As a reader I love it when a book tries to be inventive when telling a story. Strange Medicine is like a collection of strange lucid dreams which never quite make complete sense. However, beneath the magic realism and metaphor there are some deep philosophical moments in each short story. The stories feel like they are trying to deal with human emotion or… Continue reading Strange Medicine by Mike Russell – Book Review