LOUISE BOURGEOIS – documentary on a modern artist

Louise Bourgeois


The Monday Poem – Chance Varies by the Philosophical and Religious

Chance Varies by the Philosophical and Religious -Jay A dictionary can tell us that views of luck can be popular and chance appears comparatively late. During love, this applies to a beating heart. The mind is out of control, with thoughts that wishes or her luck commits the totally¬†affected to God¬†its order of the universe, … Continue reading The Monday Poem – Chance Varies by the Philosophical and Religious

The Fantastic Bridget Bate Tichenor

If you had shown me the painting above before I knew about this artist, I definitely would have thought it was a Leonora Carrington piece.

Josh Kirby – The Man With the Whole of the Discworld in His Head

In 1990, when he illustrated the Discworld story, Eric, he not only shared cover credits with Pratchett but received a percentage of the royalties. Commissioned by Weekend Guardian in 1993, he produced portraits of Pratchett, including one tattooed with characters from Discworld, and another showing the author as a wizard flying across the world on … Continue reading Josh Kirby – The Man With the Whole of the Discworld in His Head

Stand By Me (1986)

8/10 IMDb Writer: Stephen King (novel), Raynold Gideon (screenplay), Bruce A. Evans (screenplay)

3 Random Books from My Shelves

I'm not really sure what to say, as I would imagine most people who visit Examining the Odd have read some or all of Gaiman's work! Since this book is a collection of short stories (and wonders!), I decided to randomly choose one of the pieces too. The chosen piece was The Fairy Reel, one of the "wonders", since it is a poem rather than a short story. I've heard people liken this poem to a Keats ballad.

5 DAYS OF PHOTOGRAPHY. 2: Sasha Kurmaz (1986-current)

Today is day two of 5 Days of Photography and we're looking at Kiev photographer, (spray) painter and video artist Sasha Kurmaz. We often look at people who are long-dead on Examining the Odd, so it's nice to look at a fresh, living artist! By the way, if you're a fresh, living artist or writer and would like to see your work on the blog, please get in touch.

Ethel Le Rossignol (1874-1970)

Ethel Le Rossignol believed that she received information from the spirit world in the form of beautiful paintings and drawings. She did have some formal art education in London, having moved from Jersey. After the war, Ethel turned to the world of spiritualism, eventually becoming a medium. In 1920, she started channeling a spirit simply … Continue reading Ethel Le Rossignol (1874-1970)