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Doodle Tuesday

Here’s another one of my funny little doodles…


The Friday Film – Death Proof

Whenever I discuss his films with other people, they always say that this is their least favourite. Or worse, they just haven’t seen it!

The Friday Film – Burn After Reading

I love it when those brothers do silly and this film is certainly that. Their ability to make Brad Pitt seem like a youngster is also far more impressive than anything achieved by Benjamin Button.

Joseph Beuys Talks about his Art: “Everybody is an Artist”

A short clip featuring German artist Joseph Beuys in which he talks about his art and his then exhibition in London. Beyus was associated with the Fluxus Movement in the 1960s and was a painter, sculpture, musician, performance artist and philosopher. He is regarded as one of the most influential artist of the 20th Century.