David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditation)

I was scrolling through the comments on YouTube for this video and saw this:

“omg. That was my former teacher from Emerson asking the 1st question! I’ve thought of her so often wishing I stayed connected. With her and college. She saw something in me I wanted to see in myself. out of billions of videos I caught this clip?? I didn’t even know it was taken in Boston before I played it. Blown away….”
You have to love moments like that.

David Lynch explains his understanding about consciousness, creativity and the brain. He says that Transcendental Meditation played crucial role in developing his consciousness and boosting his creativity.

2 thoughts on “David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditation)

  1. I’ve watched some of his films and loved them but one of my favorite TV shows of all time was Twin Peaks. Do you meditate, OddSpecs? I don’t do transcendental meditation, but I do meditate regularly and I know that place he’s talking about. I’m glad to have a name for it-Unified Field-because I always just think of it as “that place”. BTW, doesn’t he kind of look like David Bowie? Must be the hair.

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    1. I don’t do TM – my other half does. I do meditate regularly though. And yes, Bowie and lynch are similar and damn beautiful… And aforementioned other half won’t mind me saying that as he’s rather similar to both :p

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